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For a limited time, there are several federal and local incentives available to home and business owners that make the switch to solar. 

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Why Switch to Solar?

The 6 Most Common Reasons Other Southern Colorado Homeowners Have Switched To Solar





Technology is changing faster and faster with each passing day. The data is clear. Sooner then we think, we will all be driving electric cars.


What will that do to your home electric bill?


By powering your home with solar power, you will be able to charge your electric cars from your solar panels without increasing your electric bill! 

Everyone can agree that losing power is frustrating! In fact, according to Colorado Energy statistics over a 6 year study period 1.3 Million homes in Colorado were affected by power outages. With the average duration of electric outages in Colorado being 3,285 minutes or 54.8 hours a year.  

However, reliable electricity is in reach through Solar power. By installing the right equipment, you can continue to have power even when the rest of the grid is shut down.

Climate change is already here.  We see and experience the growing effects of climate change every single day. According to the Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA), the electric sector accounts for 27 percent of America’s carbon emissions. 


Be a part of the solution!


Clean energy is essential to the fight against climate change. Every home or business that makes the switch to solar not only helps the environment now but will leave a substantial impact in climate change for generations to come. 

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The cost of electricity isn’t going to go down anytime soon. But with solar power, you can dramatically lower your electric bills. 


Here in Southern Colorado the majority of solar arrays are eligible for Net Metering. This means you will be able to maximize savings as you get credit for the energy you send back to the grid against any power you later draw back from the grid at a later time.


Solar power lets you turn the electric grid into your own "battery" to store and use electricity dependent on your homes electric needs. 

The average home saves between $10,000 - $40,000 over the life of the solar panels. With the majority of customers seeing savings starting on month one.

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According to Lawrence Berkley National Labratory - Zillow and other major real estate companies all say the same thing. Solar panels drive up property values. Homebuyers love solar.


When you install solar panels, you are investing in the future.  According to several studies, Solar will significantly enhance your chances of selling your home as well as  increase your home value.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has forecast that U.S. electricity will increase by 2.7% while industrial rates are expected to climb 5.3%. They go on to note that Nation wide electricity prices have increased 1.8% per year in the United States for the past 25 years.

By investing in a solar energy system now, you can lock-in the price you pay for electricity today in order to protect against future increases in electricity costs.


My husband and I were wanting to switch to solar power and had heard about Powered by sunlight through a friend who had a ground array installed with them a year or two ago and had lots of good things to say about their experience.

From start to finish we have been very pleased with everything. If your looking for a reputable honest company we would absolutely recommend these guys.

Ernest Pierce you are awesome thank you!!! We are so happy with our solar panel system working great and we're saving money :) and thank you Powered By Sunlight customer service is fantastic thanks everyone !!!!

They do an excellent job and I never had to worry about anything! They were on top of the process every step of the way. The only thing I have to worry about now is how I am going to spend the extra $40-50,000.00 we are going to save! (That figure is for current electricity rates, it doesn't include the increased rates for which we will never have to worry.)
Best decision we have made, ever!

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