Our Services

Energy Efficiency Consultation and Solar Panel Installation are just a few of the extras we offer at Powered by Sunlight. Our commitment to excellence and to our customers drives us to offer more and more products and services designed to provide you with multiple solutions to every need. 


From start to finish and for years to come, you'll have piece of mind knowing we are here to help. 


Energy Usage

Solar is not a one size fits all. The system your home needs could be significantly different then one your neighbor needs. The system size is determined by how much electricity your home uses throughout the year. The number of panels your home needs when the output of the system matches or exceeds the amount of electricity your home.  uses. Thus offsetting your electric bill as each system will produce 100% of the electricty home needs. 

Shade Assessment

In order to adequately account for any shading that will impact the production of the solar array, we use state of the art technology to calculate if/when/and how much shade hits specific areas of your roof. This will assure the maximum production is met throughout the life of the solar array.


Product Selection

We will go over all of the options that fit your needs and wants to find the perfect system for you. What's important to you when picking out the equipment that will power your home? Brand, warranty, efficiency, rating, pricing, import/domestic, etc. Rest assure we will guide you through the selection process and answer all of your questions in finding the perfect fit for your home.

Battery Storage

With the increase demand for Solar, many clients are choosing to include a battery bank for extra piece of mind and reliability.


By having a battery bank, this allows you to power your home without relying on the electrical grid. 

Financing available licensed.jpeg


We can offer convenient financing options for all our clients.


Working directly with us, you will be able to avoid high interest rates that you would normally be responsible for when taking out a bank loan.


Instead, tell us what your needs are and we will come up with a financing program that makes sense, whether it is one of our pre-established programs or one customized by you. Powered by Sunlight, at your service.


We work with highly trained professionals, to insure your install goes as seamless and possible. From start to finish and well after, we are here to provide unbeatable service.



We stand behind the products and work we provide. With warranties ranging from 10-25 years, you'll have piece of mind knowing your system will function at full capacity.